Girl Entrepreneur: 3 Questions with Finley Dick

A few weeks ago while attending one of my son's basketball games, I received a Facebook message from a woman asking why I had named my blog "the Girl Banker" instead of "the Woman Banker". She went on to say that she felt that the word "girl" was demeaning to women in the working world. I was initially aggravated and explained that "the Girl Banker" just had a ring to it and was a play on "Girl Boss". I also mentioned that I had hoped it would reach young women, aka GIRLS, that were possibly considering careers in banking. She continued to argue with me so I left the conversation, coming to the realization that I can't make everyone happy. Later after the game, I was telling my husband and son about the exchange. Brody, my eldest, exclaimed, "the Woman Banker just sounds weird, Mom!" Exactly, Brody. I digress. Which leads me to this super fun post about a little "girl" who decided to take a fun hobby and make it into her own business. This little girl happens to be the daughter of some dear family friends, and if I get my way, my future daughter in law, but that's not what this post is about. Another fun fact is that Finley could be a Girl Banker in the making if she takes after her grandmother, Darla Trout, who retired after a 23-year banking career. Here is Finley's story and why she is an inspiration to all girls! Girl Entrepreneur Finley Dick is a 7-year-old Girl Entrepreneur. While she may only be in the first grade, she is already making big girl plans and setting goals for her new business, Fin's Blossoms, which specializes in making headbands for babies, toddlers, and young girls. One afternoon while her mother, Tracy, was going through her old craft supplies, Finley got the idea to put them to use and started assembling headbands. She had also been bugging her mom for weeks for her own Instagram account. Tracy felt Fin's Blossoms would be a great compromise and just like that, Fin's Blossoms was launched. Finley was exposed to art at a young age. Her great-grandmother, Molly, has taken her to the Prairie Grove Senior Center since she was barely old enough to walk and while there, she would make her own art and help the seniors with theirs. She's always loved crafting, or as Tracy and dad, Gary, say, "making a mess". Even as a toddler, she would paint and glitter for hours on end. Finley also gets additional artistic exposure by visiting her Aunt Amy's flower shop, Backporch Designs and Gifts, attends sewing classes at Prairie Grove United Methodist Church and art camp in the summer. Finley gets her inspiration from Pinterest and loves making crafts with her mom. Slime is her latest obsession. Glad she stuck with the headbands! She also is an active member of the Hogeye 4-H Club, takes dance at Diamond Dance Studio, and plays softball and Upward basketball in her spare time. Finley is an active girl. I recently had a chance to chat with Finley about her newly launched business and in classic first grader fashion, her answers were short and to the point. I guess we all have a little to learn from elementary aged kiddos. I know I do! What inspired you to start your business? I love making crafts and love headbands so making headbands just made sense! What are your goals and plans for Fin's Blossoms? My goal is to sell as many headbands as I can, make a little money and donate it to the local pet shelter. Who are your role models? Jorja Hyler (a close family friend and middle schooler) because she does really nice things for others and Mrs. Foster, (Finley's first-grade teacher) because she helps people learn and makes me want to be a teacher too.
Finley hard at work on some headbands.
Interested in purchasing some merchandise from Finley? Head on over to Fin's Blossoms on Instagram at @FinsBlossoms and she can hook you up!
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