Introducing #theGirlBankerChallenge

In honor of Women's History month, I'm excited to do the second annual Girl Banker Challenge! This year, I'm offering a few extras to those who register thanks to a collaboration with The Twiggs Group.

What is the point of the challenge?
This last year presented a variety of obstacles, specifically for women in the workforce. Some of us faced working from home while navigating through virtual schooling for our kids, while others worked on the front lines daily and juggled finding child care amidst the pandemic, among many other things. We all went into a form of crisis mode and worked through challenges that we weren't exactly trained for. Forget work stress-  we are all knocking on burnout's door!

Last year, the Girl Banker Challenge involved highlighting women in banking with a social post and the use of the #theGirlBankerChallenge hashtag. This year,  we are taking it a step further and focusing on three areas of empowerment over a 30 day period:

  • Self Care- prioritizing 10 minutes per day to relax. This could be through prayer, meditation, exercise, enjoying a glass of wine, a long bath, or whatever you define as "self care". This is your challenge!
  • Self Development- prioritizing 10 minutes per day to reading (or listening to) a book or podcast. We plan to provide a great list of books, podcasts, and social media accounts that can get you started!
  • Connection- prioritizing 10 minutes per day to empower other women through connection. Examples could include writing handwritten notes to your team members, sending texts of encouragement, or picking up the phone and checking on a friend. Can you imagine the impact of all of us spending time empowering others on a daily basis?

You mentioned perks...
Yes! Those who register will receive the following courtesy The Twiggs Group:

  • A FREE Girl Banker Challenge Sticker
  • A FREE Social Media Calendar with all National Holidays (yes, including the crazy ones!)
  • FREE Instagram story templates to track your progress

How do I register?
Those interested in registering can do so by completing THIS FORM. Once you sign up, engage with others in the Girl Banker Facebook Group, a private group for women in banking, and on other social media platforms using the hashtag #theGirlBankerChallenge.

Our hope is that you'll find time for YOU, learn something new, meet someone new, and empower other women during this challenge. We can't wait to engage with all of you!

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9 Responses

  1. Please sign me up! I am a universal banker and think so much of the spotlight stories are 100% true! Great way to empower women not only on March 8th, but all month long! ♀️✊

  2. You had me at “reset after a tumultuous year”. Let’s do this! Self care FTW!

  3. This is FANTASTIC! I have been in banking for over 34 years. I have seen many changes and some of the best have been women in the banking industry. For many years, there were not many women in leadership roles in banking. As a “C” suite executive, it was certainly lonely and challenging in a room full of men. BUT not anymore!!! Women are becoming more accepted for our many admirable traits and rewarded with inclusion. We still have a long way to go. Management is still dominated by men, but knowing that we have groups like this to help develop and mentor women is so wonderful! Kudos to you and your team of leaders!

  4. I’m a teller supervisor from a small city in southeastern Illinois. We stayed open during this entire pandemic. I don’t think it’s right for frontline bankers to be lower down on the list to receive the vaccine. After all, how did CDC think everyone could receive their stimulus funds if tellers were not there to cash the checks?