Girl Banker of the Week: Siya Vansia

As women in banking, it is important that we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The entire purpose of the Girl Banker blog is to do just that! The Girl Banker of the Week series serves as a way to highlight Girl Bankers everywhere by telling their stories and motivating and encouraging other women in banking. It also is a great way for women in banking to connect! Read below about this week’s Girl Banker of the Week! Siya Vansia | Vice President, Marketing | Connect One Bank Have you noticed that the word "millennial" gets thrown around a lot these days in the banking industry? Most of the bank marketing headlines are all about targeting, recruiting, and attracting millennials both in the customer and employee realms. However, more often than not, they are deemed lazy or entitled and tend to get a bad rap. Then there is Siya Vansia, a millennial girl banker, doing her part to change that perception. I had the pleasure of meeting Siya at the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, MD last fall and the more I learned about her, the more I knew she must be featured as a Girl Banker of the Week. Here is her story. Girl Banker Story Siya Vansia serves as Vice President, Marketing at ConnectOne Bank (CNOB), a $6+ billion institution with locations throughout New Jersey and New York. The bank was founded in 2005 by civic and business leaders to serve local residents and businesses by providing the highest level of personalized community banking services. In her current role, Siya is responsible for the marketing, branding and public image of the bank. In her time with ConnectOne, she has developed and managed the bank’s social media strategy and maintained its digital presence through its blog and numerous online channels and has overseen campaigns to support the bank’s growth. In 2013, she oversaw the rebrand of the company to ConnectOne Bank from its previous name, North Jersey Community Bank. In 2014, she led the marketing efforts of ConnectOne’s merger with Union Center National Bank, rebranding 16 locations and expanding the ConnectOne name to a new marketplace. The merger positioned the company as a premier community bank in the New Jersey/New York Metro Area with over $3 billion in assets. Most recently, Ms. Vansia has played a significant role in shaping the strategy and launch around the bank’s digital accounts including its mobile app and online account opening. Aside from her marketing role, she is also responsible for internal communication and assisting Senior Management with internal corporate culture initiatives. Siya has become an advocate for the millennial generation and the future of banking through both her internal efforts and through outside media and industry conferences. She currently serves on the American Bankers Association’s Bank Marketing Conference Advisory Board and has had articles featured in American Banker and American Bankers Association Banking Journal. Siya also recently joined the New Jersey Bankers Association Emerging Leaders Board. Prior to her existing role, Siya worked as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. She holds a BA in Economics from Rutgers University. When asked how she got into banking, Siya replied, "Mostly through speaking events and media. I've worked hard to dispel the myths that we are lazy and entitled. I also feel that banks can utilize millennial skills to move their banks forward.  Banks can't continue to operate in the same old ways and expect to attract millennial talent and clients." I hear you loud and clear, Siya! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you! MOTIVATION | "I'm motivated by seeing other women challenge themselves, reach new heights, and make an impact on others, their companies, industries, and the world!" Join me as we celebrate this week’s Girl Banker of the Week, Siya Vansia!
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