Girl Banker In The Making: Brooklyn Bolton

Welcome to the new series, 'Girl Banker in the Making' where young women just starting their banking careers share their Girl Banker stories in their own words. Girl Banker In the Making: Brooklyn Bolton | Teller, Community Spirit Bank I have wanted to be a banker like my dad and granddaddy since I was a little girl. Most of my dad’s side of the family all work at Community Spirit Bank in Red Bay, Alabama and I always aspired to work there when I grew up. My name is Brooklyn Malorie Bolton and I am twenty years old. When I was 15, I started working for my dad, Brad Bolton, who is the President and CEO of Community Spirit Bank. I started out by filing papers for him and creating and organizing loan committee packets. Sometimes, I would fill in by answering phones and greeting customers as the receptionist. I came in after school and tried to make some extra money and gain experience in the real world while balancing the busy life of a high school student. After graduating high school, I began attending Northwest-Shoals Community College full time and working part time as a teller. I had direct interactions with customers and built relationships with them. I witnessed first-hand the importance of community banking and what sets it apart from other businesses. I realized that we invest daily in the lives of our customers and I felt my role was to help them have a better day. Sometimes I would write motivational quotes or Bible verses on my customer’s receipts or money envelopes with the hopes they would be encouraged.
Brooklyn and her team members at the Community Spirit Bank's 110th celebration
In addition to my interactions with customers, I was further interested in pursuing a career in banking after a lobbying trip to Washington, D.C. I had the opportunity to travel with my dad and a group of Alabama Bankers. I was fortunate to meet several bankers that all have a passion for community banking and they demonstrated to me why it is important to get involved in your state and national community banking associations to advocate the message of community banking. I also had the chance to meet all the Alabama delegation, including U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from NW-SCC with an Associates in Science Degree and now am currently enrolled at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. I plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Management. I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life. However, I will miss my family, friends, bank family, and all my sweet customers. My goal is to come back to Community Spirit Bank when I graduate in 2020 and continue to pursue my banking career. I hope to be able to work in all areas of the bank to sharpen my skills and can carry on the rich tradition of honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic, just like our current team members at CSB.
Brooklyn and her friends at NWSCC graduation
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Girl Banker in the Making

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  1. Brooklyn—this is excellent— right from your heart—so proud of you & what you stand for!! Granddaddy!!
    So very proud of you Brooklyn!! Love you Grams

  2. When you meet her, you will see the excellence and the glow that makes this young lady special. Yes, she will be a successful banker because of her qualities and her training.

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