Introducing #theGirlBankerChallenge

Introducing #theGirlBankerChallenge

In honor of Women’s History month, I’m excited to do the second annual Girl Banker Challenge! This year, I’m offering a few extras to those who register thanks to a collaboration with The Twiggs Group.

What is the point of the challenge?
This last year presented a variety of obstacles, specifically for women in the workforce. Some of us faced working from home while navigating through virtual schooling for our kids, while others worked on the front lines daily and juggled finding child care amidst the pandemic, among many other things. We all went into a form of crisis mode and worked through challenges that we weren’t exactly trained for. Forget work stress-  we are all knocking on burnout’s door!

Last year, the Girl Banker Challenge involved highlighting women in banking with a social post and the use of the #theGirlBankerChallenge hashtag. This year,  we are taking it a step further and focusing on three areas of empowerment over a 30 day period:

  • Self Care– prioritizing 10 minutes per day to relax. This could be through prayer, meditation, exercise, enjoying a glass of wine, a long bath, or whatever you define as “self care”. This is your challenge!
  • Self Development– prioritizing 10 minutes per day to reading (or listening to) a book or podcast. We plan to provide a great list of books, podcasts, and social media accounts that can get you started!
  • Connection– prioritizing 10 minutes per day to empower other women through connection. Examples could include writing handwritten notes to your team members, sending texts of encouragement, or picking up the phone and checking on a friend. Can you imagine the impact of all of us spending time empowering others on a daily basis?

You mentioned perks…
Yes! Those who register will receive the following courtesy The Twiggs Group:

  • A FREE Girl Banker Challenge Sticker
  • A FREE Social Media Calendar with all National Holidays (yes, including the crazy ones!)
  • FREE Instagram story templates to track your progress

How do I register?
Those interested in registering can do so by completing THIS FORM. Once you sign up, engage with others in the Girl Banker Facebook Group, a private group for women in banking, and on other social media platforms using the hashtag #theGirlBankerChallenge.

Our hope is that you’ll find time for YOU, learn something new, meet someone new, and empower other women during this challenge. We can’t wait to engage with all of you!



In case you haven’t heard, March is Women’s History Month and March 8th was International Women’s Day. (We will let it slide that it happened to fall on Daylight Savings Time and the fact that our special annual day was cut an hour short. Just don’t let it happen again, alright?)

In honor of this occasion, I’m officially putting out #theGirlBankerChallenge where I’m challenging all women in banking to make a post on the social media platform of their choice to answer the question of why they are a girl banker. To make it official, it helps to use the hashtag #theGirlBankerChallenge and tag me so that I can share some love and post on my social platforms.

The point of the challenge is to build community among women in banking and maybe, just maybe, young women who see the posts will realize that banking is full of opportunity for them and not view it as an industry blocked with barriers to entry just because they are women.

In just a few days, I’m excited to share that the challenge has already reached from Arkansas to Massachusetts and back down to Mississippi! There’s good news too… if you are a girl banker and you haven’t participated, there is plenty of time to share your challenge post! No need to put an expiration date on supporting women in banking.

Want to participate in the challenge? Here’s how to do it:
1. Post a picture on the social media platform or platforms of your choice and answer the question of why you are a girl banker in the caption. You can post a picture of yourself or if you prefer, include your coworkers or girl banker friends.

2. Tag me so I will be sure to see it and use the hashtag #theGirlBankerChallenge.

That’s all! Happy posting!

XO, Natalie

the Girl Banker Podcast is LIVE!

the Girl Banker Podcast is LIVE!

In partnership with Talk Business & Politics and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, I’m thrilled to report that the Girl Banker Podcast is now LIVE on Apple iTunes and right here at! Click the images below to access the podcasts on Apple iTunes or visit the Podcast page of the Girl Banker Blog to watch them!

Episode 1: Mary Beth Brooks
I had the opportunity to interview veteran girl banker and my personal she-ro, Mary Beth Brooks about how she climbed the ranks throughout her banking career to CEO of The Bank of Fayetteville. We also discuss her new role as Director of the Small Business Technology and Development Center at the University of Arkansas

Episode 2: Kirsten Blowers Morman
Listen in as girl boss Kirsten Blowers Morman, owner and buyer of, RiffRaff Fayetteville, City Supply store fronts, and Friday x Saturday and Charlie Southern brands talks all things small business and mom life. Her startup story will inspire you! Bank marketers take note: it all started with selling her items on Facebook and then adjusting to Instagram.

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