the Girl Banker Podcast is LIVE!

the Girl Banker Podcast is LIVE!

In partnership with Talk Business & Politics and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, I’m thrilled to report that the Girl Banker Podcast is now LIVE on Apple iTunes and right here at! Click the images below to access the podcasts on Apple iTunes or visit the Podcast page of the Girl Banker Blog to watch them!

Episode 1: Mary Beth Brooks
I had the opportunity to interview veteran girl banker and my personal she-ro, Mary Beth Brooks about how she climbed the ranks throughout her banking career to CEO of The Bank of Fayetteville. We also discuss her new role as Director of the Small Business Technology and Development Center at the University of Arkansas

Episode 2: Kirsten Blowers Morman
Listen in as girl boss Kirsten Blowers Morman, owner and buyer of, RiffRaff Fayetteville, City Supply store fronts, and Friday x Saturday and Charlie Southern brands talks all things small business and mom life. Her startup story will inspire you! Bank marketers take note: it all started with selling her items on Facebook and then adjusting to Instagram.

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Girl Banker of the Week: Chelsea Bradshaw

Girl Banker of the Week: Chelsea Bradshaw

As women in banking, it is important that we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The entire purpose of the Girl Banker blog is to do just that! The Girl Banker of the Week series serves as a way to highlight Girl Bankers everywhere by telling their stories and motivating and encouraging other women in banking. It also is a great way for women in banking to connect! Read below about this week’s Girl Banker of the Week!

Chelsea Bradshaw | Operations Officer, SVP | Citizens Bank of Edmond
First things first, Chelsea Bradshaw is my Oklahoma Banker twin. She eats cereal for dinner with a beer, and so do I, so that makes us family. In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of Chelsea Bradshaw. I first met her when I visited Citizens Bank of Edmond a couple of years ago in an effort to better understand what this little community bank was doing over in Edmond, Oklahoma to make national waves. I was already an avid follower of CBE’s CEO, Jill Castilla and immediately loved Chelsea. Since that time, we chat often over Instagram messenger and joke about each other’s love for cereal for dinner and boy mom joys and woes. Here is her Girl Banker story.

Girl Banker Story
Chelsea’s mom was a banker before she made the decision to stay at home with her after she was born.  Her mom loved the versatility of banking and ability to use both her analytical skills and creative energy.  When Chelsea was a junior in college and in between jobs, her mom recommended she apply at Citizens Bank of Edmond based on their reputation of treating their employees well. She interviewed for a teller position and started as a part time teller shortly after. Chelsea’s first manager at CBE, Sherry Earnst, taught her how to balance professional confidence with humility as well as many other things.

Chelsea and her sisters which also happen to be girl bankers!

Upon her graduation from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in criminal justice, Chelsea had intentions to attend law school.  However, she felt rooted at Citizens Bank of Edmond and knew she could make a career there. So, through lots of hard work, dedication and great mentors, she worked from a part time teller to Personal Banker, Operations Assistant Manager, Retail Assistant Manager, BSA and Internal Control Officer, Assistant Controller, Risk Management and Compliance Officer, and now, 13 years later, Senior Vice President and Operating Officer, where she oversees the day to day operations of the bank.

When Jill (Castilla) started bringing in a whole new level of innovation to the community banking space, I felt honored to be her right-hand woman to assist in executing her visions… which is honestly the best description of my job.

Additionally, Chelsea is a Certified Community Bank Internal Auditor, graduated from the Graduate School of Banking in Boulder, Colorado and has been named to the Oklahoma City Business Times Top 20 Under 40 and Independent Banker’s 40 Under 40 lists. She was also extremely instrumental in executing Midtown Bank, the first unmanned banking facility located in the heart of Oklahoma City. The branch utilizes technology that enables it to operate without staff inside the branch.

Chelsea and her CBE team at Heard on Hurd, her bank’s massive music and food truck festival in downtown Edmond.

In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys her time as a boy mom, with sons Brody (5) and Ramsey (2).

Motivation | “Wine. J/K,  I have an internal motivation to just do right.  Both of my parents instilled a strong work ethic in my sisters and I which also motivates me to teach my boys to have a strong work ethic.  I am also extremely competitive – not athletically by any long shot – but just internally competitive.  I’ll just say it… I like to be right.  I really, really like being right, which is motivation in itself, but I work hard, research, and execute with precision and thought so I can succeed in being helpful – and right. 😉  I am also motivated by just the general concept of wanting to help people, especially in banking.  I’ve been the twenty year old where every penny counts, when you’ve felt uncomfortable getting a mortgage because of your young age and low income.  I want to be the person that is able to operate a bank where twenty year old me feels supported and welcome.”

Chelsea, her husband, Ryan, and son’s, Brody and Ramsey.

Join me in congratulating Chelsea Bradshaw as a Girl Banker of the Week!

Girl Banker of the Week: Kelsey Stupfell

Girl Banker of the Week: Kelsey Stupfell

As women in banking, it is important that we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The entire purpose of the Girl Banker blog is to do just that! The Girl Banker of the Week series serves as a way to highlight Girl Bankers everywhere by telling their stories and motivating and encouraging other women in banking. It also is a great way for women in banking to connect! Read below about this week’s Girl Banker of the Week!

Kelsey Stupfell | Director of Community Reinvestment | TS Banking Group
I first had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey after presenting at the Women in Ag Banking Networking Breakfast at the American Bankers Association National Ag Banking Conference in Omaha, Nebraska last November. Since then I have enjoyed following her on social media and feel that we have a lot in common given both of us are living and breathing our family farms and raising our kids when we aren’t at the bank. Here is her story.

Girl Banker Story
Banking was the furthest thing from Kelsey Stupfell’s mind in terms of a career choice. But as with most women in banking, life took a path she didn’t expect and banking chose her. 

In 2007, Kelsey graduated college in the spring and headed home to Treynor, Iowa after being asked by Judy Guttau, Secretary of the TS Banking Group Board to sing at a special event for the bank. While there, she made the pitch that she was graduating and looking for a job. Little did she know that during the performance, Judy had leaned over to her son, Josh Guttau, TS Banking Group CEO and said, “I’d like to slowly retire, so I think we should hire Kelsey.”  After a series of interviews, Kelsey received a call from Josh asking if she would consider a new job at TS Banking Group. Ironically, it was Kelsey’s love of music that ultimately opened the door to banking.

Since that bank event, Kelsey has learned that banking has a lot of moving parts.  From talent development, business intelligence, data science and business process improvement, the roles banking has to offer can be interesting and challenging!

Kelsey currently serves as Director of Community Reinvestment at TS Banking Group. She leads the community reinvestment strategy across the company, including 10 locations in Iowa, North Dakota, and Illinois with a primary focus of corporate giving toward financial literacy.  Kelsey is a brand ambassador and works alongside the company’s business units to help execute market specific giving, volunteerism opportunities and create a valued-added client impact.  TS Banking Group is dedicated to community prosperity and reinvests 10% of its net income back to the community through outreach, non-profit donations, and event sponsorships.  Collectively, over $1.5 million dollars has been reinvested in their communities over the last three years.

Kelsey at a leadership training with her TS Banking Group girl bankers

TS Banking Group is a joint venture between Treynor Bancshares, Inc., the bank holding company of Treynor State Bank (TS Bank), and the newly formed bank holding company, TS Contrarian Bancshares, Inc. TS Banking Group and two affiliated bank holding companies are headquartered in Treynor, Iowa, near the Omaha, Nebraska MSA, and has nearly 1 billion in assets. Over fifty percent of the company’s giving is designated to the TS Institute, the non-profit arm of TS Banking Group committed to creating a stronger, more financially, savvy future generation through a K-12 financial literacy program.  Since its inception in 2009, TS Institute has impacted over 90,000 students and community members through student banking programs, classroom workshops, teacher trainings and various community events.

I think it is powerful that TS Banking Group reinvests 10% of its pre-tax profits back to the communities – not because we have to, but because we want to.  A large majority of our community reinvestment is for financial literacy efforts.  While we give monetarily, giving of our time and talent is equally important.  TS Banking Group employees are offered 50 hours of volunteer time off to use annually.  We want to ignite prosperity in all the communities that we serve and we feel that’s part of everyone’s responsibility.  I just know the harder I work, the more we are then able to give back.  Having a collective mission like this really gets people excited and truly makes a difference in our communities. I am so grateful in my role to be able to tangibly see our core values in action.  I am very passionate about our giving philosophy and ways to bring our company “why” to life each day.  We are a company of many stories, and so are our clients.

Kelsey is a Treynor, Iowa native and a graduate of Treynor High School. She is a graduate of Simpson College with a BA in Corporate Communication.  Her work experience includes over 10 years in banking with encompassing roles across the company including areas specific to community banking, human relations, and marketing.

 It excites me to work in community banking and for a company where I am part of something that is bigger than myself.  Banking just happens to be our vehicle, but we are really about impacting people’s lives. 

Kelsey is involved in her family farm business, music ministry at Harvest Community Church, on the board of directors for the following three organizations including TS Community Foundation (VP), Birthright of Council Bluffs, and Council Bluffs Guild of the Omaha Symphony (incoming President) and an alumnae member of Leadership Council Bluffs. She grew up on her family’s century farm and in 2008 married her husband, Perry, a fifth generation farmer, and together, are raising their children, Eugene, Evelyn and Charles on the Stupfell family farm which is just northwest of Treynor, Iowa.

Kelsey and her family on their family farm in Iowa.

She enjoys taking pictures of her kids, hosting dinner parties, home decorating and singing.  Kelsey loves the lifestyle farming provides for her kids and the reminder that hard work and being humble never goes out of style.  She remembers her very first job growing up was to paint her grandpa and grandma’s white picket fence and help feed the chickens. While she doesn’t have a picket fence or chickens, she feels that the farm life is one of the best ways to learn life lessons!

MOTIVATION | I am so thankful for my personal banking experience when I first started at the bank, where I could truly learn how banking worked.  It also gave me an inside perspective on the client and having this foundation has helped me in my other roles in the bank. I am truly humbled and honored to help serve the community that has poured so much into me.  To help make an impact in all the communities we serve in Southwest Iowa as well as in North Dakota and Illinois is very rewarding.

Join me as we celebrate this week’s Girl Banker of the Week, Kelsey Stupfell!

Girl Banker of the Week: Siya Vansia

Girl Banker of the Week: Siya Vansia

As women in banking, it is important that we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The entire purpose of the Girl Banker blog is to do just that! The Girl Banker of the Week series serves as a way to highlight Girl Bankers everywhere by telling their stories and motivating and encouraging other women in banking. It also is a great way for women in banking to connect! Read below about this week’s Girl Banker of the Week!

Siya Vansia | Vice President, Marketing | Connect One Bank
Have you noticed that the word “millennial” gets thrown around a lot these days in the banking industry? Most of the bank marketing headlines are all about targeting, recruiting, and attracting millennials both in the customer and employee realms. However, more often than not, they are deemed lazy or entitled and tend to get a bad rap. Then there is Siya Vansia, a millennial girl banker, doing her part to change that perception. I had the pleasure of meeting Siya at the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, MD last fall and the more I learned about her, the more I knew she must be featured as a Girl Banker of the Week. Here is her story.

Girl Banker Story
Siya Vansia serves as Vice President, Marketing at ConnectOne Bank (CNOB), a $6+ billion institution with locations throughout New Jersey and New York. The bank was founded in 2005 by civic and business leaders to serve local residents and businesses by providing the highest level of personalized community banking services.

In her current role, Siya is responsible for the marketing, branding and public image of the bank. In her time with ConnectOne, she has developed and managed the bank’s social media strategy and maintained its digital presence through its blog and numerous online channels and has overseen campaigns to support the bank’s growth. In 2013, she oversaw the rebrand of the company to ConnectOne Bank from its previous name, North Jersey Community Bank. In 2014, she led the marketing efforts of ConnectOne’s merger with Union Center National Bank, rebranding 16 locations and expanding the ConnectOne name to a new marketplace. The merger positioned the company as a premier community bank in the New Jersey/New York Metro Area with over $3 billion in assets.

Most recently, Ms. Vansia has played a significant role in shaping the strategy and launch around the bank’s digital accounts including its mobile app and online account opening. Aside from her marketing role, she is also responsible for internal communication and assisting Senior Management with internal corporate culture initiatives.

Siya has become an advocate for the millennial generation and the future of banking through both her internal efforts and through outside media and industry conferences. She currently serves on the American Bankers Association’s Bank Marketing Conference Advisory Board and has had articles featured in American Banker and American Bankers Association Banking Journal. Siya also recently joined the New Jersey Bankers Association Emerging Leaders Board.

Prior to her existing role, Siya worked as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. She holds a BA in Economics from Rutgers University. When asked how she got into banking, Siya replied, “Mostly through speaking events and media. I’ve worked hard to dispel the myths that we are lazy and entitled. I also feel that banks can utilize millennial skills to move their banks forward.  Banks can’t continue to operate in the same old ways and expect to attract millennial talent and clients.”

I hear you loud and clear, Siya! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

MOTIVATION | “I’m motivated by seeing other women challenge themselves, reach new heights, and make an impact on others, their companies, industries, and the world!”

Join me as we celebrate this week’s Girl Banker of the Week, Siya Vansia!

Girl Banker of the Week: Liz McIntyre

Girl Banker of the Week: Liz McIntyre

As women in banking, it is important that we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The entire purpose of the Girl Banker blog is to do just that! The Girl Banker of the Week series serves as a way to highlight Girl Bankers everywhere by telling their stories and motivating and encouraging other women in banking. It also is a great way for women in banking to connect! Read below about this week’s Girl Banker of the Week!

Liz McIntyre | Vice President of Marketing, Director of Social Media and Public Relations | Renasant Bank
In September, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, Maryland to sit on a panel to discuss Grand Savings Bank’s digital marketing strategy. While there, I was introduced Liz McIntyre, who was attending the conference along with several of her Renasant Bank team members. Liz and I immediately hit it off, especially over brunch at a local restaurant which just happened to serve endless mimosas. We didn’t know each other prior to the conference, but I left feeling like Liz was a life long friend. We had so much in common and shared so many similarities in regards to our advocacy for women in banking and anti-boring bank marketing. I’m honored to share her Girl Banker story on the blog!

Girl Banker Story
Liz McIntyre attended Millsaps College and graduated with a BA in Communications. After graduating, she worked in Jackson, Mississippi for 5 years as Marketing Manager for Mangia Bene Restaurant Management Group. During her time in Jackson, she was very involved with the community, acting as Marketing Director for Friends of the USA International Ballet Competition, Treasurer for the American Advertising Federation – Jackson Chapter, member of the Millsaps Young Alumni Board, and member of the Jackson Choral Society.

In 2016, Liz and her husband, Andrew, moved to Oxford, where her husband accepted a job as the Ceramics Technician and Instructor in the Art Department at the University of Mississippi. Liz worked as the the Marketing Manager at The Inn at Ole Miss where she initiated and completed a full re-branding of the hotel including new logo, new website, and new state-of-the-art hotel and hospitality technology. Her work caught the eye of John Oxford, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Communication at Renasant Bank, a $12.8 billion bank with over 190 banking, lending, wealth management and financial services offices in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Liz’s Girl Banker story is similar to most women in banking in that she didn’t exactly choose banking. Banking chose Liz. She began at Renasant Bank as their Social Media Manager in March of 2018 and recently received a promotion to Director of Social Media and Public Relations. One of her favorite parts of her job with Renasant is traveling for marketing meetings and giving social media presentations at local branches. Before working for Renasant Bank, she had no previous banking experience, but is learning more and more about finance marketing on a daily basis. She also works remotely which is becoming more and more common in an industry that used to be confined to the brick and mortar bank branch.

Liz is the consummate professional. She’s forward thinking, yet knows banking is a conservative industry so she gets the balancing act marketers have to perfect. We’re very fortunate to have her as apart of our Renasant marketing family!” -John Oxford, Renasant Bank

Another aspect of her job she is passionate about is the development of a new women’s empowerment program with Renasant Bank known as Rise with Renasant. This platform will highlight and support women entrepreneurs in Renasant’s communities and Renasant’s women employees who wish to expand their professional horizons by providing them professional development opportunities. Additionally, the program will reach out to young women to provide positive role models and mentor relationships to show them how to support and be kind to the girls around them. The ultimate message? Women supporting women. Liz’s goal is to launch the program in March 2019. Now, if that doesn’t SCREAM the message of the Girl Banker, what does? I hope to report more on this later…

Beyond the Bank
When in Oxford, she acts as an Ambassador for the Oxford-Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and Publicist for the Oxford Civic Chorus. She also participates in the two annual Oxford Civic Chorus concerts as a soprano. Other fun facts about Liz are that she is a Disney fanatic, as two Doodles, Olive and Riese, and she grew up in a musical family and has been singing most of her life!

Liz and her husband, Andrew.

MOTIVATION | “I am motivated by the idea of success for the greater good. I took a class in college called “The Meaning of Work.” Basically, the premise behind the class was to find purpose in whatever you do professionally. In a previous position, I found that my job was just a job with no benefit to the community around me. It was all about the bottom line and not what was right and good for the community. In another previous job, I thrived in the position because I knew what we were doing meant something more than just paying bills and making money. They secret sauce to the positive work environment and success was ‘Do the right thing.’

Join me as we celebrate this week’s Girl Banker of the Week, Liz McIntyre!

Liz’z Lady Tribe!

Girl Banker of the Week: Scarlett Sieber

Girl Banker of the Week: Scarlett Sieber

As women in banking, it is important that we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The entire purpose of the Girl Banker blog is to do just that! The Girl Banker of the Week series serves as a way to highlight Girl Bankers everywhere by telling their stories and motivating and encouraging other women in banking. It also is a great way for women in banking to connect! Read below about this week’s Girl Banker of the Week!

Scarlett Sieber | Innovation Thought Leader, FinTech Influencer, International Speaker
If you’re an avid follower of the Girl Banker you likely have picked up on the fact that I love to connect with bankers in the digital space and thanks to Twitter, I have met bankers from all walks of life that I otherwise would have never known. Scarlett Sieber is one of those bankers. Last Spring, my pal and Girl Banker Phenomenon, Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond, in Edmond, Oklahoma, mentioned Scarlett during a conversation about women in banking making waves. “She’s a rising star in the fintech world and has become one of my mentors,” Jill told me. “You two really should connect.” When Jill Castilla tells you to connect with someone, you connect with them! Fast forward to The Financial Brand Forum 2018 in Vegas last May, and we actually got to meet in real life when she was a breakout session presenter on the topic of “Transforming Financial Services: Accelerating Your Innovation Program”.

Scarlett’s girl banker story takes a different turn from the stories I have shared on the blog thus far. What I find most interesting about her is the experience she has under her belt as a “millennial” and how her role as a fintech minded banker could inspire many other women considering similar routes in banking. Unless you have been hiding under a rock or stuck in the “that’s how we have always done it” mindset, fintech is a major force changing big banks and community banks alike. If your bank isn’t working on a fintech strategy, you might already left behind. Here is her story.

Girl Banker Story
After studying abroad in China in college, Scarlett knew that she wanted to pursue a career where she was not only good at what she did but was passionate about it just the same. This led her to join the visualization tech startup, Infomous, Inc. where she served as Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder. Their clients include The London Olympics, Super Bowl XLVII, NFL Films, The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian and USA TODAY. “My role at Infomous was an incredible journey where I played very much a generalist role and got to see multiple aspects of the business,” explained Scarlett.

She also realized her love for technology. During her 3 year stint at Infomous, BBVA reached out and encouraged them to apply to their startup competition, Open Talent. The group was selected as a finalist, which ultimately led her to her transition to BBVA. At that time, BBVA Compass Bank, an $86 billion bank headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, was looking looking at being the best digital bank in the world. Scarlett’s knowledge and relationships within the tech ecosystem and experience with APIs assisted in her making the move to BBVA as SVP, Global Business Development and New Digital Business a great fit. “I very much respected and admired BBVA’s culture and executive team,” said Scarlett. In this role, she leveraged BBVA’s assets to secure partnerships within the ecosystem accelerating the global innovation strategy within the US. She also served as the US lead for BBVA’s millennial initiative.

Most recently she was Vice President at USAA where she led the newly created business development initiative. Prior, she was Chief Innovation Officer of Opus Bank, an $8 billion retail and commercial bank, where she led the digital strategy and transformation for Opus and its $15 bilion trust subsidiary, Pensco. She writes on innovation and technology frequently and has been featured in industry publications and podcasts reaching millions. Not to mention she has won over a dozen industry awards for her accomplishments and contributions including “Women in FinTech Powerlist 2016” by Innovate Finance, “Top 10 FinTech Influencers in US” by LTP, “Top 20 Innovators to Watch” by Bank Innovation, and “Women in Power Finance” by Kurtosys. If you haven’t figured it out at this point, Scarlett is kind of a BIG deal!

Scarlett and her husband, Troy, with their wedding party.

Beyond the Bank
Outside of work, she is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Forbes, and WeWork. She is a NYC Fellow of Startup Leadership Program. This past summer, she married her husband, Troy and resides in New York City.

MOTIVATION | I have always had the attitude of giving first and do whatever I can to help support the tech ecosystem, especially for women and minorities. I spend time mentoring women and minorities from everything to their startup, careers, business relationships, etc. I go into every situation with an open mind, trying to soak in all the knowledge and experience possible while providing unique view points and ways of thinking.

Join me as we celebrate this week’s Girl Banker of the Week, Scarlett Sieber!